People Making Changes

design & delivery of workshops for dialogue and change

Trooper Partnership creates educational, training and information workshops, community participation projects in theatre and video and uses both video and theatre as research tools to explore public policy and community action.

grassroots projects/training consultancies

Contexts vary, among many possibilities, between formal and non-formal education, urban marginalised and the rural poor, children at risk, disability matters, local governance, youth issues and inter-generational concerns.

production of media and performance events/participation

Our work ranges from websites that explore citizenship to service directories for young people with disabilities, from films by children about where they feel they can safely play to theatre projects that help communities reclaim their public spaces, from training programmes that help local authorities communicate more effectively internally and with the electorate to advocacy for families about how to plan for the needs of their children.

Street Theatre in Kibera, Kenya that uses theatre to discuss a range of social issues of concern to children living in the slum.

Καλώς ήλθατε Bienvenidos  欢迎 Welcome Velkommen

Our purpose is

to bring together people interested or involved in using art forms & cultural action

as advocacy, resistance, transformation and liberation

in the continual struggle

to transform reality into a more human, egalitarian and sustainable experience for ourselves and our children.

...through development agencies - workshops and projects that develop greater participation and sustainability;

by artists wishing to work in social contexts - training in both the elicitation of creativity and its use as social or cultural intervention;

for community organisations and activists - consultancies and training in the use of the arts as consultation, evaluation and advocacy;

in higher & further education - accredited and informal modules of work and assessment, designed and delivered in consultation;

with community, youth & social workers - facilitation skills tailored to the requirements of the contexts in which you work;

with people who would like to see some changes in the way their world is run.

Over the past 40 to 50 years the experience of creating and working with theatre, education and social change programmes has given us a unique and practical insight into the processes of theatre and media practice that deliver effective social transformation in a range of contexts around the globe. This experience has also generated an extensive network of practitioners, artists, researchers, organizations and academics working in this field...

Participants from HUA DAN, an NGO helping earthquake victimes in Scechuan, China, practise story-telling and image making. See more of Hua Dan’s implementation of theatre as development here.

For more information please get in touch to discuss your project or plans. I’m sure there’s something we can do...